Come into full alignment with your purpose integrating your Mind, Body and Spirit.

You want to get better at what you do and facilitate greater transformation for your clients and did you know… you can do this without any extra effort.

Deeply understand who you are, discover your blind spots, how to manage your emotions so you can cultivate healthy boundaries, and create safe, inclusive, spaces for yourself and others even if you are still carrying shame from the past, or fear of the uncertainty.

Expect to heal old wounds and transform into a more authentic version of yourself, cultivate reciprocal relationships, and tap into your own super powers as a leader and space holder, and live a more prosperous and thriving life.


This is your invitation to become the Centered Embodied Owner of your life with Phoebe's transformative modality, Mvt109™ that will change your vibration for you and a better world.


This is a program to master the art of embodiment to become more empowered in the way you show up in your life and more confident in how you lead and serve our world.

We bring the wisdom of the mystics and the knowledge of science together for you to become more of an integrated being and the leader you are ready to become.



People Who Live a Life of Service, Leaders, People Who Support Leaders, Coaches, Therapists, Healers, and anyone ready to step out of their comfort zone to become the CEO of their life.


Our paradigm is shifting and it is time to call your power back.

It is time to say "No" to the relationships, situations, programs, and tasks that drain your vital energy and distract you from what you want to create most for ourselves and the people we lead. 

It is is time to say "YES!" to nourishing relationships, your super powers, and your purpose in life and live it full out in true alignment.

 When we become embodied leaders, we THRIVE together and become the ripples that change our world forever.


Dive in with Phoebe at the Embodied Leadership Summit


The Mvt109™ Mastery & Certification Embodiment For Leaders. 


Build Safety and Trust Within Ourselves and The People We Lead

  • Center. Learn the foundations of the Mvt109™ as a practice to regulate the nervous system.
  • Experience. Face your fears as a leader and build trust within yourself with simple groundwork and somatic practices.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Explore new ways to introduce grounding and centering practices to the people you lead and co-create with.
  • RESULT: Master your fears and become a confident space holder by establishing trust.


The Importance of Creativity vs Productivity.

  • Center. Learn the science of why we need to add PLAY and creativity into our work spaces so that our body, mind, and soul thrives.
  • Experience. Tap into the depths of your own creative flow and feel like a child again with movement/dance and PLAYful practices.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Explore fun ways to invite others into joyful, co-creative spaces, even for the most serious tasks and projects.
  • RESULT: Discover more freedom and ease in your schedule and make working spaces more creative and fun.


Taking Inspired Action to Lead a Movement.

  • Center. Learn about how the chemicals of stress effect the body and how to take action with a regulated nervous system to avoid adrenal fatigue, burnout, and disease.
  • Experience. Give yourself permission to let go of shame and guilt with somatic practices to release what holds you back from who you really are in all the roles you play.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Offer new ways to take action as a group that allows the release of past failures and self sabotage to be able leap forward with more "wins" together.
  • RESULT: Take action without self sabotage getting in your way and get the people you lead aligned by taking inspired actions.


The Power of Connection and Empathy.

  • Center. Learn the science behind empathy and how it can help you excel in connecting more authentically with others.
  • Experience. Feel into heart co-herence meditations to heal and transform grief and longing to feel more connected.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Create spaces where we can be transparent and vulnerable with clear boundaries that maintain safety and respect.
  • RESULT: Master the art of empathy and connect more authentically with others.


Authentic Communication & Active Listening.

  • Center. Understand the principles of listening to the body on a somatic level to re-pattern the nervous system and neural pathways so that past emotional triggers do not block authentic communication.
  • Experience. Somatic practices will shift your own perspective in how you hear, see, and feel yourself so you can express a more authentic voice as a leader.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Implement the somatic practices in groups spaces to apply active listening skills and give each person opportunities to be heard, seen, and felt for more inclusive spaces.
  • RESULT: Confidently express yourself and create safe space for others to be vulnerable and empowered.


Connect to Inner Guidance and Trust Intuition

  • Center. Learn about the magic of the pineal gland and the ways we create new worlds from it.
  • Experience. Breathwork and meditations that will help activate the pineal gland.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Create more innovative spaces to dream big collectively and make them a co-creative reality.
  • RESULT: Gain more clarity on your visions and recruit more co-creators on your mission for success.


Embody the Change You Want in the World.

  • Center. Learn about how the quantum field is a technology we can tap into to change and shape how we interact with our world.
  • Experience. Meditations and expanded awareness practices that heighten your birds-eye view perspective you need as a leader.
  • Open Spaces to Hold & Lead From. Lean into spirit as we learn how to bring ceremony into diverse spaces.
  • RESULT: Master the art of manifestation and share the magic with others.

MODULE EIGHT. The Power of Storytelling in Leadership & Celebration of Your Transformational Journey

  • The final month we celebrate the collective journey through deep refection, storytelling, and celebration (along with the required stuff like exam and practicums ;)

**Guest teachers TBA. There will be bonus sessions offered throughout the program**




  • Certificate and Mastery of Mvt109™ Embodiment Modality; includes 100 hours of CEC's, facilitation of somatic/movement, meditation, expanded awareness to practice and facilitate (Levels 1-3 of Mvt109™)
  • Confidence in your leadership roles and how you serve others.
  • Your own power back as The Centered Embodied Owner of your life ;)
  • More fulfillment in your personal life including; relationships, health, success in career, and financial freedom.
  • Knowing that you are make a bigger impact in your community.
  • Resources, mentorship, and community beyond the program.


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What is MVT109™?

Movement 109 (Mvt109™) is the life's work of Phoebe Leona. 

The full Mvt109™ Experience is a holistic, somatic/movement-based practice that incorporates various elements such as subtle movements, mantras, breathwork, journaling, and music to facilitate healing, rejuvenation, and self-awareness. By engaging both the physical and energetic aspects of the body, this practice aims to create a deep, transformative experience that brings balance and harmony to the individual on multiple levels.


the full Mvt109™ Experience enables participants to develop a heightened awareness of their thoughts and mental patterns. By starting with the groundwork, which involves lying down and focusing on the breath and subtle movements, individuals can begin to quiet the mind and tune into their inner world. This calm state of mind sets the stage for the next phase of the experience, where participants transition into a more active, dance-like state. This shift allows them to explore and acknowledge their thought patterns, ultimately recognizing that they have the power to choose their own experiences and perceptions in life.


the full Mvt109™ Experience allows participants to connect with their emotions and release any pent-up feelings or energy. As they work their way through the chakra system, they can identify and acknowledge any emotional blockages or imbalances. The combination of breathwork and groundwork helps to release these emotions, while the music and movement provide a safe space for emotional expression. By allowing the music to guide their movements, participants can experience a range of emotions and achieve a sense of emotional release and healing.


the full Mvt109™ Experience promotes relaxation and rejuvenation by engaging the body in both subtle and dynamic movements. The practice begins with grounding exercises that help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the "rest and digest" system. This encourages the body to enter a state of relaxation and recovery, which can be beneficial for reducing stress, tension, and inflammation. As participants transition into the dance portion of the experience, they engage in a variety of movements that help to release physical tension and increase flexibility, strength, and coordination.


the full Mvt109™ Experience gives our spirit a place to feel connected again, a greater sense of belonging, purpose. The practice in community, reminds us how we are not alone with these emotions and in the stories of our lives. As a result, we begin to realize that everything we think, feel, and are doing is part of the human experience. This gives us a greater sence of peace and ownership of who we are and what we want to create in this world.


the full Mvt109™ Experience offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking a holistic, movement-based approach to healing and rejuvenation. By integrating the mind, body, and spirit through the somatic and movement that Mvt109™ practices provide, participants can achieve a deeper sense of self-awareness, emotional release, and physical well-being. This practice ultimately empowers individuals to recognize their own agency in shaping their life experiences and promotes a sense of balance and harmony that can positively impact all aspects of their lives.



8-Month Mastery & Certification begins June 1, 2023

Program Sessions:

  • Thursdays (11am-1pm EDT- replays will be available)
  • Monthly Guest Teachers- see line up below
  • Bonus Sessions with Phoebe may also be added as program goes

*last week of the month is off for Integration*


  • Monthly portal content
  • Cohort for support


* Signed Copy of Phoebe's book, Dear Radiant One

*8 months of the nOMad Guides Membership includes additional portal content and weekly sessions.

* Private Sessions with Phoebe (see below)


Your Lead Teacher:

Phoebe Leona has been a teacher or various embodiment practices for over 25 years and developed her modality, Mvt109™ in 2018 which is also thoughtfully trauma-informed for the ability  to heal and transform on quantum levels so we can fully embody the change we want to see in the world and make the biggest impact.


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The nOMad Collective

“Mvt109™ is by far the most healing and cathartic movement practice I’ve experienced. Taking the Mvt109™ facilitator training deepened my understanding of why this practice is so powerful. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in acquiring new tools that help people connect with their bodies, their creativity, their emotions, and their deep inner healing capabilities. Even if you’re not planning on facilitating, I would still recommend this training if you feel inspired to go on a beautiful healing journey, and gain a new appreciation for the ways your body and soul can be expressed.”

Mvt109™ Facilitator Grad

The nOMad Collective

“Mvt109™ opened up a whole new world of possibilities of how healing and transformative movement could be. Using the practice to connect with my own body and feel empowered to hold space for whatever shows up has been truly a gift. And to be able to share that with my students as a Mvt109™ Facilitator so they could have their own experience and transformation is a testament to the quality and love that is infused in the training and guidance from Phoebe. If I could describe my experience with Mvt109™, as a practice and the training, it would be home.”

200-HR YTT & Mvt109™ Facilitator Grad

The nOMad Collective

“This training went above and beyond what I would have expected a teacher training to be. A tough but very rewarding experience for me."

"The training was a very powerful experience and opened me up in ways I would never have imagined. Mvt109™ is a unique and wonderful experience of movement, stillness and playfulness. Moving through the chakras is a powerful and beautiful experience. ”

200-HR YTT & Mvt109™ Facilitator Grad