What if you could change the vibration in your physical body to alchemize new states of being for yourself and our world?

Mvt109™ allows you to play between movement and stillness. Vibration and pause. Action and reverence.

Reset your nervous system and the stories your body carries to transform your life.

Arrive in a grounding space to reveal a healing of your internal world and observe the waves of change in your external world.  



We create safe spaces for people to come back to their bodies and know that it can also be a safe place to be in and feel free once again. We guide you to no longer carry the heavy burden of past traumas or even the daily micr0-stresses to keep you from living in the present. We teach that you no longer need to run around with unnecessary busyness or spend hours sucked into distractions in order to fill some void or avoid themselves. 

When you come home to your body, you discover you have a choice in how you perceive your world, how you manifest your world, and how you vibrate in your world.

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Phoebe Leona


As an Embodiment Guide, Phoebe has taught somatic/movement practices for over 20 years and brings this along with knowledge from her diverse studies with masters and the wisdom from her own life experiences of her healing journey from childhood trauma to into the development of this practice to guide others through their own transformation.

Her purpose in this life is to offer transformational experiences for people to have a deeper connection of themselves so they have a greater sense of purpose and belonging. Mvt109™ is the modality she chooses that beautifully interweaves somatic therapy practices for healing, alchemy rituals for transformation., and dance/movement for celebration of life.

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