Mvt109 Training In Nosara, Costa Rica | Nov 12-19 2022

Reawaken to your own radiant light in magical Costa Rica with Phoebe Leona and become a Mvt109 Facilitator!












What if we could change our vibration in our physical bodies to perceive a new world of possibilities and receive a new kind of experience for ourselves and the world beyond?

Mvt109™ allows us to play between movement and stillness. Vibration and pause. Action and reverence. All to arrive to a place of release to reveal a healing in our internal world and observe how that affects our external world.  


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Our Mission

To create a safe space for people to come back to their bodies and know that this too is a safe place to be in. We no longer need to carry the heavy burden of past trauma or even the daily stresses to keep us from living in the present. We no longer need to run around with unnecessary busyness or spend hours sucked into distractions in order to fill some void or avoid ourselves. When we come home and know, we discover we have a choice in how we perceive our world, how we manifest our world, and how we vibrate in our world.

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