This movement ceremony and embodiment modality, created by Phoebe Leona, is a holistic, somatic/movement-based practice that incorporates various elements such as subtle movements, mantras, breathwork, journaling, and music to facilitate healing, rejuvenation, and self-awareness. By engaging both the physical and energetic aspects of the body, this practice aims to create a deep, transformative experience that brings balance and harmony to the individual on multiple levels.

Mvt109™ Meaning. Named after the 109th bead on the mala (prayer/meditation beads). Also known as the guru bead, it invites one to take a moment to pause and pay reverence to one's teacher. This modality is an invitation to go within and play between movement and stillness as a space of deep awareness and gratitude for the journey behind you that is your teacher and the stories you carried within your body this whole time. In the dance, there is an intertwining of the deep reverence with new choices that are available to co-create with the universe so that you can step forward fully embodied as the person you are meant to be.


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The MVT109™ Experience

The Groundwork & The Dance

We begin laying down.

Through the guidance of subtle movements, mantras, and
breathwork, we identify the energies of the body (working up through the chakra system), and begin to experience our patterns.

We drop down into the physical experience of the body, calm the nervous system (Rest & Digest), and then stand in the awareness of ‘what is’. In the stillness, there is the guidance of being aware of the breath, the body, and the energies.

Music begins and we move again.

We allow the music to guide these energies to do what they need to do; through slow or quick, big or small movements, each person in each moment gets to choose. We acknowledge the hugely profound or ever so subtle shifts that have come to be.

We collectively become aware that we ultimately have the choice for our own experiences and perceptions in this journey of life.

Mvt109™ Offerings for Studios and Sacred Spaces

Mvt & Magic Ceremony: Setting Intentions & New Moon

Set intentions during the new moon, new season, new year, or a new chapter of life is a sacred time and Mvt & Magic is a perfect ceremony to enter into.

This 2 hour experience includes a constellations ritual that gives us a new perspective of where we are blocked from our dreams and how we can make space for our heart to receive them in our life. Through a movement ceremony, we move the energy of the old patterns out and create the new space within to welcome in our deepest desires.

Be prepared for magical surprises in your life to follow like relationship conflicts to resolve, new love dropping in out of nowhere, doors opening to new opportunities and more!

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Mvt Dance Ceremony: Full Moon Reset & Recharge

When we come into our fullness, we can ask ourselves what is no longer serving me? What old stories can we leave behind? What is waiting for us to dance in shadows? Is it grief? Anger? Chaos?

This 90 minute ceremony is a movement experience that begins with a deep grounding to calm the nervous system and track the stories and patterns in the body that want to be seen, heard, and felt so that we can release, transform, dance, and play into a dance of the emotions that lead of joy and bliss to anchor us back into peace and stillness of our souls.

Be prepared to move your body through groundwork and dance/movement meditation that will open you on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and leave your heart open and ready to embrace the fullness of you and your life.

What is waiting for you...


Mvt109™ enables participants to develop a heightened awareness of their thoughts and mental patterns. By starting with the groundwork, which involves lying down and focusing on the breath and subtle movements, individuals can begin to quiet the mind and tune into their inner world. This calm state of mind sets the stage for the next phase of the experience, where participants transition into a more active, dance-like state. This shift allows them to explore and acknowledge their thought patterns, ultimately recognizing that they have the power to choose their own experiences and perceptions in life.


Mvt109™  allows participants to connect with their emotions and release any pent-up feelings or energy. As they work their way through the chakra system, they can identify and acknowledge any emotional blockages or imbalances. The combination of breathwork and groundwork helps to release these emotions, while the music and movement provide a safe space for emotional expression. By allowing the music to guide their movements, participants can experience a range of emotions and achieve a sense of emotional release and healing.


Mvt109™ promotes relaxation and rejuvenation by engaging the body in both subtle and dynamic movements. The practice begins with grounding exercises that help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the "rest and digest" system. This encourages the body to enter a state of relaxation and recovery, which can be beneficial for reducing stress, tension, and inflammation. As participants transition into the dance portion of the experience, they engage in a variety of movements that help to release physical tension and increase flexibility, strength, and coordination.


 Mvt109™ gives our spirit a place to feel connected again, a greater sense of belonging, purpose. The practice in community, reminds us how we are not alone with these emotions and in the stories of our lives. As a result, we begin to realize that everything we think, feel, and are doing is part of the human experience. This gives us a greater sense of peace and ownership of who we are and what we want to create in this world.


Mvt109™ offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking a holistic, movement-based approach to healing and rejuvenation. By integrating the mind, body, and spirit through the somatic and movement that Mvt109™ practices provide, participants can achieve a deeper sense of self-awareness, emotional release, and physical well-being. This practice ultimately empowers individuals to recognize their own agency in shaping their life experiences and promotes a sense of balance and harmony that can positively impact all aspects of their lives.

What People Are Saying About Mvt109™

The nOMad Collective

“We are still glowing from last night! I am so honored that you've taken these teachings, found them valuable, put your unique spin on them and made them your own. You structured things in a simple, safe way that made it possible for everyone to enter and explore an area of movement freedom and expression that many don't know how to access.on their own. We also had a ton of fun and I got a big vision download at the end!”

Teacher/Founder of Embodied Soul/Continuum Facilitator

The nOMad Collective

“A Soulful yoga inspired movement class that can help people clarify their intentions which in turn will change their lives.

A nomad who has found a home within herself. An Awakening soul
When you called forth your prayers there was no division between you and the prayer
The Mother calls this “aspiration”.
A vibration, a certainty, a movement that is not asking for anything in return, a movement comes from and that is the expression of the DIvine. ”

Teacher/Founder of Embodied Soul

The nOMad Collective

“I come to explore and move through my body. I love that each class brings up new experiences for me. It has become a movement meditation and I enjoy Phoebe’s gentle formation and guidance throughout the class.”

Mvt109 Facilitator & 300-hr nOMad YTT Graduate

The nOMad Collective

“This class makes you feel free in movement, uninhibited - You leave feeling calm, happy, and peaceful. The music is magical! Grateful for Phoebe.”

Student at Barre, Body & Soul